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Helpful Links

Helpful Links


Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) is the home of Magda Gerber's groundbreaking approach. This is the hub for resources, history, products, current activity, and new research in the philosophy that guides my work, and the work of thousands around the world. 


The Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University is building an R&D platform for science-based innovation, and transforming the policy and practice landscape that supports and demands change so that all children and families reach their full potential. 


Your Whole Baby is a trusted organization advocating for bodily autonomy. They provide gentle education on the lifelong harms of circumcision and information on the functions and proper care of the foreskin in an effort to end infant genital cutting.


Janet Lansbury is a globally celebrated RIE® Associate, author, blogger, podcaster, teacher, and mother of three. Her work elevates our collective image of the young child, and demonstrates the beauty and rewards of respectful parenting and caregiving.

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Browse the Mayo Clinic website for the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on current science related to your child's development and well-being. They provide guidance on everything from breastfeeding twins, to choosing your baby's sunscreen, to best practices regarding speech delays. 

Local Resources


The Gather Birth Cooperative is a group of four passionate birth workers, based in the Twin Cities, each a trained doula and professional photographer, working together to support you during your prenatal, birth, and postpartum time. Their approach is respectful, comprehensive, and truly unique.


The Queer Birth Project is a Minneapolis based collective of LGBTQ-identified birth and postpartum professionals who work together to support LGBTQ families during family building and early parenting. They hold regular events and provide valuable resources and guidance.

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The small and independent Grow Pediatrics provides customized and personal care for MN families. They’re family focused, have longer appointment times, have quick on-site lab services, online services, and a 24/7 provider and nurse triage program.


Influenced my Magda Gerber's Educaring Approach, The Friends of RIE Minnesota (FORM) network is a growing community of parents, educators, directors, mental health, and holistic health care workers who gather monthly to inspire, support and engage in topics relating to early childhood education and parenting.


Rosen Method Bodywork is a perfect companion therapy to parent coaching. As we identify mental blocks and physical/emotional patterns getting in your way, this nervous-system-based therapy will take your healing and growth to the next level. Kellie Cottrill is highly experienced and delivers compassionate, gentle care in Minneapolis and Stillwater. She’s simply the best!


Neb Doctors of Minnesota is a Durable Medical Equipment company that supplies new mothers with breast pumps through their health insurance, shipped to your home free of charge.