Mighty Oaks Parenting
RIE Inspired Parent Coaching & Support

Mighty Oaks Parenting

Guidance through the early years 

Transformative Parent Coaching for Families with
Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool-Aged Children

I’m here to:

  • Meet your struggles with compassion and a fresh perspective

  • Identify patterns getting in your way

  • Draw out the best in you

  • Hold the space to work through vulnerable and difficult feelings

  • Care for you, so you can care for your family

You are ready to: 

  • Eliminate stress, anger, and burnout 

  • Understand your child’s challenging behaviors

  • Cultivate a peaceful, playful energy in your home

  • Lead with a calm confidence

  • Nurture your infant’s/toddler’s growth and development from birth

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Nina’s services are personal, nonjudgemental, and practical. 

Whether you have one specific parenting question, or a mountain of problems that you can't even begin to sort out, I’m here to help. As the founder of Mighty Oaks Parenting LLC, I bring two decades of professional experience to my work with families and children. I understand the power of blending practical advice with deep personalized coaching in order to manifest profound, lasting change in your life as a parent. You'll gain confidence and enjoy your child(ren) like never before.

Just a few of the topics we can explore together:

  • trouble at school and other social situations

  • preparing for a new baby

  • the impact of separation or divorce

  • discussing difficult topics with young children

  • creating child-centered spaces in your home

  • promoting language & literacy skills

  • tantrums, meltdowns, and defiant behavior

  • sleep routines

  • eating habits and weaning

  • sibling & new baby struggles

  • the transition to underwear

  • choosing a nanny, school or child care provider

Praise for Nina’s Guidance

“I don’t get it, she’s so wise. I’ve learned from each of my five children, but learned a ton in this single one hour session.”

“I learned from Nina's example and assertiveness which helps me on a daily basis with my children.”

“This is the best part of my week. I can’t thank you enough!”

“I loved Nina’s way of holding nonjudgemental space for sometimes fragile feelings.”

“I really appreciate how Nina would add a different perspective to our discussions and touch on things I have never thought about. It certainly helped me see my son's development and needs in a new light.”

“Nina was very in tune with babies and their needs, and I felt heard by her.”

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.
— 14th century proverb